La Angostura

La Angostura

La Angostura

– taken at El Mollar, in Tucumán, Argentina.

This picture is the culmination of my brief hours practicing photography, and for that, now the banner of my new blog. It was taken during a weekend excursion with a dozen strangers to El Mollar, a small lake town West of San Miguel de Tucumán, near Tafí del Valle. While the days were warm and the nights quite frigid, it was the gentle breeze I remember most. Lightly cleaning the mountains of their clouds, creating little ripples, like scales, on the waters. It almost felt like this breeze was softly nudging me towards these strangers… I guess it was too gentle a push, I haven’t seen them since.

Others in this series from El Mollar:

Causing Ripples Entre Los Caballos

– Nahuel F.A.

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