Water Cooler Thoughts…

… reflecting on your opinion.

Have you ever looked at a water cooler jug—the ones in offices and some homes—and just couldn’t tell where the water line stands? Just couldn’t tell how full the jug was from the faint, blue-ish coloring of the jug itself and the stillness of the water inside it?

You want to pour yourself some water, but the jug could be almost empty (and no one likes changing those things). It ultimately takes starting your pour, fearless, before you see the bubbles rise into the jug, and move things. Before those bubbles disrupt the water line, you have no idea where the line stands, you can’t see where the limit is…

When you start creating those tremors, those bubbles that disrupt the stillness, you start seeing where the line is, and start seeing what’s ahead. You walk away enjoying your water, or you take the weight of a new jug and the heaviness of changing it into a new well.

Bruce Lee says “be water, my friend” but I say “be the bubbles, young revolutionary.” Shake things up and see where the real line stands. Say what you want, but be ready to take on the weight of the responsibility if you really want to shake up the stillness.

All I notice these days are Facebook posts about opinions, beliefs, and passionate thoughts on what is going on in our world today. It’s getting personal, it’s getting aggressive, it’s getting violent—I mean both the posts and our world today. It’s easy to read a headline and complain about how you interpret the words, but just remember that we live in a click-bait world with trigger-words. The revolutionary words, the movements you seek, the changes you need, require your research, require more respect, and require more knowledge. What you type and send means a lot, and will always be remembered. The world is an interesting place these days, filled with hate and untruths. Don’t contribute to that. Know what you are about to say, the truth behind your words, before you start to shake up the line and my newsfeed.

– Nahuel F.A.

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