Big White Elephant in the Room

The election seen from the NYC streets.

Trump HQ (1)– Taken at Trump HQ, Midtown, NYC

It’s been a week since election night, and people seem to be finding their own ways to cope with what happened. In New York especially, there have been a lot of expression against the new president-elect. From protests to post-its… well, here’s my way of coping: photography.

These were taken at Rockefeller Center’s Democracy Plaza and at Midtown Hilton’s Trump HQ during election night, roughly 11pm-2am.

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I really don’t want to burden this post with too much darkness, but it seems inevitable in the world we now live in. All I can say is that I’m terribly sad that social justice, human rights, and acceptance have taken a backseat to what is most important to this country: money.

I don’t feel a connection to this country. I do feel connected to this city, to New York City and what it has tried to stand for. I’m proud of New York City and the protest that I’ve seen going on in the streets, including the latest student walk-out/march to Trump Tower that was held this week. These students know more about how to be a leader, and how important human rights should be, than a lot of adults. They deserve to be heard. These protests are way more decent than what Trump supporters have been out doing to minorities and anyone non-white since his election (Reference: This List).

– Nahuel F.A.

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  1. This is awesome and I agreee. I do feel a connection to the city…not the rest of this country. Thank you NYC.


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